A Little Motivation

The most wonderful thing happened lastย week.

Saturday evening, I opened a package from Mrs. Terri. I knew it was a graduation gift. Mom asked me if I wanted to open it now or later. She was like, “maybe it will motivate you to finish school.” and I was like, “Mom, I don’t need any more motivation to finish.” But Mrs. Terri wanted me to open it, so I did. And I am so thrilled.

Y’all, the Pin Pals made me a quilt.

Several of the ladies made quilt blocks and embroidered a message, or just signed their name in the corner of their block. They picked such beautiful fabrics. There are pink and red flowers. There are text fabrics with different quilt terms. There’s a block with “Baby Ruth” embroidered in big red script letters. (That’s what all the ladies call me!) The backing is a green and white triangle pattern. Mrs. Terri quilted the entire thing with meanders and stars.

It is so perfect!

No one has ever made me a quilt before. I have always been the giver and maker of quilts! Being on the receiving end, I understand now how special and meaningful quilts truly are. They are the product of love, kindness, and generosity. To me, it’s a reminder that though distance may separate us, it cannot lessen the love that I have for my Pin Pals and the Pin Pals have for me. It is a comfort and an encouragement (not to mention it keeps me warm at night!).

That Saturday, I was sad that the sewing guild will not be here to celebrate my graduation with me. When I look at this quilt, and as I’ve read the messages they wrote on my card, I see that they’re already celebrating. They’re already proud of me and they are already excited for the next chapter of my life to start.

I think Mrs. Rose said it just right:

“I will be right there with you in spirit as you graduate and you will know we are all there with you when you wrap yourself in the quilt. You are loved.”

I can’t get over how amazing this gift is. I’m never letting this one go.

Now I really have to finish. I said I didn’t need any more motivation, but the Lord knew I needed this.



Physics is finished. I took my last test yesterday! All I have left are two writing assignments for English. I’m almost done.


Oklahoma City Winter Quilt Show 2016

Oklahoma City’s Winter Quilt Show was wonderful. Mom and I have gone every year for the past three years and it is always so much fun! This time, Mrs. Nancy, Mrs. Terri, Mrs. Rose and Big Ruth joined us. We talked the whole way there. Mrs. Rose drove since she drives like an airplane. ๐Ÿ™‚

We had dinner at Old Chicago and reached the hotel in record time. Mrs. Nancy brought Uno cards, so we played several rounds in the hotel lobby. It was very fun. And intense. And Big Ruth and I kept drawing lots of cards. Actually, we all did, except Mrs. Rose. Her pile was always fairly small and she kept making Big Ruth and me draw more cards.

The quilt show itself was so great. It’s small enough that you can walk through the entire show in one day, but large enough that there are lots of vendors and really beautiful quilts on display. My quilt was hanging with all of the others ๐Ÿ™‚ It was such an honor to participate with the adults this year! Not every entry is accepted into the quilt show.

imageTo Everything There Is A Season

To Everything There Is A Season

Mrs. Terri and Mrs. Rose entered quilts that were displayed as well! It was really fun to have my friends enter with me this year.

We admired all of the beautiful quilts that were displayed. I was very inspired. Then, we shopped, ate lunch, did show-and-tell, then shopped some more. ๐Ÿ™‚ I never have anything to show by lunch time since I spend those three hours admiring quilts and looking at all the vendors. I visited the same three booths like four times before I made a purchase ๐Ÿ˜› Mrs. Rose, on the other hand, already found and purchased cute kits, fabric and patterns. She knows how to shop, let me tell you.

One of my favorite booths were there this year. They sell continuous line quilting stencils, really great chalk pencils, and chalk pounce pads that make quilting so much easier for me. I actually used the leaf stencil I bought last year on my quilt that was on display. When I told them so, they were so surprised at my age and skill level that I was dragged over to my quilt to have my picture taken with the stencil I used! That was really exciting. I don’t really think of myself as that great of a quilter, especially with so many other quilts on display that are clearly a thousand times better than mine. It was truly an honor just to have mine accepted and displayed in this year’s quilt show, and on top of that have these people from Full Line Stencil go and take my picture.

Some of my new projects from the quilt show ๐Ÿ™‚

As always, I find some neat things while walking around the quilt show. This year, I bought tea cup fat quarters, a layer cake and matching animal panel for E’s quilt, a jelly roll for part of A’s quilt, a tote bag kit (so psyched about this!), more fabric, my very own Sip ‘N Snip and a chicken appliquรฉ with a tea towel. I had my eye on the Scripture panels that were filled with Psalms. Mom beat me to it and bought two! I’m really excited to be working with those. At this point, I have more ideas than time. I am so inspired after staring at so many quilts. Hopefully I will finish all of these projects before the year is up. ๐Ÿ˜€

This year was by far the best year at the quilt show. We found such cute projects to do, we saw not just one, but THREE quilts of ours on display, and the very best part was spending this weekend with four lovely ladies who inspire me to make beautiful things and encourage me in all of my projects. There’s no one else I’d rather spend a weekend in Oklahoma City with than these wonderful ladies.