When You’re Lonely

1. Clean something. Anything. Your room, the closet, the bathroom mirror.

2. Do some laundry.

3. Sing your favorite song.

4. Call a friend.

5. Friend’s busy? Call another friend.

6. Write to a loved one. Or text. Or both.


7.  Make cookies or cupcakes.

8. Do something artsy- craftsy.

9. Wash the dishes while listening to your favorite band.

10. Do something nice for someone you love.

11. Snuggle with a baby.

12. Read a book.

13. Journal. Write out your thoughts.

14. Watch a movie.

15. Cook dinner.

16. Do some more laundry. (Those blankets haven’t been washed in a while.)

17. Vacuum.

18. Plant something. Or offer to take care of someone’s garden while they’re out of town.

19. Eat those cookies you made earlier.

20. Call your favorite aunt or uncle.

21. Cuddle a puppy.


22. Pray for someone you love.

23. Tell that person you prayed for them.

24. Color a picture.

25. Watch the Jamie Grace Show.

26. Make a bucket list.

27. Make a grocery list.

28. Make a To Do list.

29. Don’t forget about those things you put in the washing machine and hour ago.

30. Have a backwards dinner. Eat your ice cream before your veggies.

31. Go find and talk to the frogs in your backyard. They might be lonely too. (Apparently one was because he was in my house this morning.)

32. Read Psalm 139.


33. Tell God about your loneliness.

34. Go for a walk or a bike ride.

35. Go visit a friend.

36. Cuddle another baby. Or puppy.

37. Take a nap.

38. Organize your sock drawer, your dresses, or your shirts by color.

39. Rearrange your bookshelves

40. Make yourself a cup of tea and have another cookie.

You are not alone.

The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart, And saves such as have a contrite spirit.
Psalms 34:18 NKJV

For He satisfies the longing soul, And fills the hungry soul with goodness.
Psalms 107:9 NKJV

The Best Is Yet To Come

So there was this song I heard a long time ago when I was visiting Jami. We were in her car driving home from The Big White House. Windows were rolled down and the sun was setting. I remember now that we had Pandora’s music on shuffle and this song came up. I never caught the lyrics or even the name of the song, but I really liked the tune.

I found the song yesterday.

It’s “The Best Is Yet To Come” by Sheppard.

The lyric video is here.

This has been floating around in my head for years. I can’t even tell you how thrilled I am that I found this. 😄

Goals for 2017

I’m not one who makes New Year’s resolutions. However this year, I did have some goals I want to meet. Or at least work on throughout the year and see progress. 😉

1. Read through the entire Bible in one year.

2. Become a more balanced person spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

3. Read the steadily growing stack of 20-some books sitting on the bedroom floor.

4. Graduate.

5. Play my violin more often.

6. Finish the projects I started.

7. Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong. (My new motto)

Run wild: Take risks. Take chances. Don’t be reckless, but don’t live in fear. Have courage, dear heart.

Live free: Live the life of freedom that the Lord has given you. Walk with Him, living in accordance with the plan He has made for you. Taste and see that the Lord is good; you are blessed when you trust in Him.

Love strong: Because you were first loved and without love, we would perish. Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. Don’t be afraid of sharing your heart and soul with Him. He’s a master of holding hearts and He’ll take good care of yours. ❤ And finally, love others.

Here’s to 2017.

Winter Is Here

Christmas is upon us.

I can smell it in the air.




You can see your breath in puffs.

Clouds of warm air evaporating in the chilly atmosphere.




Lights glimmering in the night.

Deer and angels dancing with the shadows.

Rooftops glowing.

Windows sparkling.

It’s magical.

Christmas carols echoing in the distance.

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.




My cup runneth over with hot chocolate.

(Mexican’s my favorite)

Cookies fill the countertops.

Plates are passed around.

There’s warmth.



Eyes are closed and sweets are savoured.

Hearts are full.

Memories are made.

It’s a good life.

It’s a rich life.

It’s a beautiful life.

There’s hope.



For unto us a Child is born,

And the government will be upon His shoulder;

And His name will be called



Mighty God,

Everlasting Father,

Prince of Peace.

{Isaiah 9:6}



I’m waiting to get my hair cut, so I have a few minutes.

This past week has been amazing. My grandparents have been in town for the past week. Over the weekend, my Uncle Joe and Komo flew in for the birthday party. It was so much fun to have a little family reunion. It’s been at least a year since we’ve seen the grandparents. I think the last time we saw anyone else was two years ago when we all met in Korea for Uncle David’s wedding!

We had so much food at the birthday party. Everything was amazing from the lobster crab bisque and bacon covered dates to the medium-rare steak and buttery polenta.

We’ve had several game nights that involved lots of screaming and laughter. My sides still hurt from yesterday’s Camel Up race.

We spent a Saturday canning fresh apples from the mountains. #applebutterfordayyysss 😉

Uncle Joe flew back home yesterday morning, and tomorrow my grandparents leave. Komo will be here till Friday I think.

It’s been fun. This whole weekend has been great.

I started that ten days ago and never finished. 😛

Komo didn’t leave on Friday. She actually ended up staying ’till this past Monday due to job transfers. We miss her and her delicious cooking, but we know she’ll do great in Sauna City. 😉 We did so much, I can’t keep everything straight. We got haircuts: Mom, Komo, and I. My hair grew out over the summer and became way too long and heavy. So, I got it all cut, layered, and I even brought back the bangs! I haven’t had bangs since I was like five… 😀

On the night before Komo left, we all did a spontaneous reenactment of the opening scene of Beauty and the Beast! It started out with Dad installing a lightbulb that plays music in our living room through Bluetooth! The ladder was still up, so Komo wanted to take advantage of that and do a scene of some sort. Singing In Rain didn’t work out so well, but I just so happened to have the Broadway soundtrack for Beauty and The Beast! So, after about two hours of recording one minute scenes and convincing the sibs to play various parts complete with low-budget costumes, we produced five whole minutes of entertainment. I was so happy and excited I cried like five times. Every dream I had of directing and putting on a production came true that night! 😉

Oh, we also learned how to make tres leches all pretty and picture-perfect like Komo does at the restaurant.20161027_190905.jpg

It’s been really fun having family in town. I’m a little sad that the triplets never made it, but we shall see them sometime in the near future, I believe.

That’s all for now. I’ve got work in the morning.

These Are the Days

So, Love and the Outcome released their new album, These Are the Days, last week on my birthday! (#happybirthdaytomeeeee) 😉

I love it so much. I’ve been listening to it nonstop. This is their sophomore album and like their first one, their lyrics touch the depths of my heart and remind me how great God is.

I love all of their songs, but I do have my top three…because I couldn’t pick just one. 😉

Number 1: If I Don’t Have You

That song basically describes my heart in four minutes. The first verse and chorus says it all.

How can I build Your kingdom/ If I’m building my own?

How can You be my treasure/ If I’m digging for gold?

How can You be my fire/ If my heart has grown cold?

How can You be my future/ If I’ve made this my home?

How can I? How can I?


I don’t want the world/ If I don’t have You

I don’t want it all/ If it means I lose You

I’ve tasted and I’ve seen enough/ To know it’s You I need/

I don’t want the world/ If I don’t have You

If I don’t have You

Number 2: Hear from You

This song is also basically my heart in a song. I absolutely love the verses. and the chorus. and the bridge. I love it all, okay?

Where do I run, when my heart’s confused?

Where do I turn, when my world’s unglued?

Who do I trust, when my friends are far?

Where I need to be, is where you are.

O Holy Spirit speak, speak through/ I’m waiting ’till I hear/ Hear from You

O Holy Spirit speak, speak through/ I’m waiting ’till I hear/ From You


So I will wait, til You speak a word/ And I will rest til Your voice is heard

I won’t rush, I will let You move/ My God, I need to hear from You


No other whisper calms my heart/ No other place but You to start

No other name can silence storms/ There’s no one else, no one else

And finally, Number 3: Seek and Find

When I heard this for the first time, I knew immediately that Jodi and Chris had their little son in mind.

The second verse (and chorus :D) is what got me, though. It’s a message for everyone, not just for their little seven-month-old.

There’s no need to worry/ No such thing as perfect

You don’t have to get it right

Trouble will try to steal your wonder/ When you hear the thunder

There’s someone by your side

I wish I could keep you/ From the hard days/ And the tear stains/ Keep you safe

And I’ll do my best to/ Hold your hand through/ All the things/ I can’t explain


I don’t have all the answers/ To all your questions why/

We’re all just dreamers and dancers/ Through the twists and turns of life

All I can tell you is/ Seek and you will find/ Seek and you will find/

Seek and you will find/ And let Him be your guide

Love is by your side/ Seek and you will find

So yeah, I love this album. It’s perfect. The lyrics are so sound. The songs resonate with me on a deep spiritual level. I found myself worshipping my God with these songs. I’m digging the upbeatness of the music. It’s perfect for my bike rides, and school hours, and if I ever learn how to drive, I’ll be jamming to these tunes in my car. 😀


Love and the Outcome released their music video for “These Are the Days” (the song) and it turns out, it was filmed at Carowinds while they were performing there back in June! I was at that concert! That made me really happy.

I love this album so much.


We Rocked the Park

Fury 325 though.


I love roller coasters and all, but this one is a bucket-list-one-time-experience-ordeal. I’m never getting on that one again. It’s 325′ tall and has a max speed of 95 mph. I died a little and now I’m terrified to get back on there.

Also, I went to a concert with Dad and E. It was an amazing night.

I was so psyched that my two favorite bands were in one concert! Matt Maher and the Newsboys were bonuses. 🙂

The whole thing was just fantastic. I had a rough week and this concert was something that I was looking forward to. I expected an epic night. I knew I would have a great time because hey, I get to see my two favorite bands plus two more great bands in one night! I had hopes that I would hear my favorite songs played. But I didn’t expect this:

Joel literally walked down the row in front of us! I knew he and Luke would probably walk through the crowd to say hi and whatnot, but never did I imagine that he would walk right in front of me! That was a little exciting.

Love & the Outcome was a fabulous start. I heard old songs as well as new songs. You can bet that I’m going purchase their new album when it’s released this fall. I really like how they’re a husband and wife duo and that they write songs with such solid lyrics that I found myself worshiping Jesus with. I was so encouraged by their songs last night.


Matt Maher was great.

For King & Country was wonderful.


The Newsboys described themselves as crazy, and I agree. They’re crazy about Jesus and crazy about sharing His love with the world one city at a time.

What amazes me is that hundreds of people came to see these bands and have a great time at the park, but they also heard multiple times throughout the evening that it’s because of Jesus Christ that they’re all standing here today. It’s because of Jesus and His crazy love for us that He left Heaven to die on the cross, take all of our sins, and purchase our salvation. I heard it in the songs, from all of the artists themselves, and I could see it in the men and women who sang and cheered. I was reminded that my life has a purpose and that is to glorify God in all that I say and do. I was reminded of how much hope I have and where it should be placed. I was reminded of Who is truly important. I was reminded that life is short. That roller coaster reminded me of my mortality. Believe me, I was thanking God that I didn’t die during those very long three minutes!

When I was singing and I dropped my self-consciousness and insecurity, I felt so much joy and freedom. Maybe I was just on a spiritual high because I had a rough week and this lifted my spirits. But I believe I worshiped God that night. I believe I glorified Him by raising my hand, by singing every song I knew, and clapping. That’s what matters, right? That I was fixated almost always on Him, not on the artists, and that during the concert, afterwards, and even now, I’m still thanking Him for the reminders that He is God. He is alive. He is with us. He is my help. And it is such an honor that He would give me the privilege to have a personal relationship with Him.

It was an amazing night and one that I’m going to remember for a long time.