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Happy birthday, Big Ruth

Today’s my twin’s birthday.

I got to see her yesterday and celebrate her birthday early. We spent the day at Mrs. Rose’s house making cards with my aunt, Mom, and sisters. We only stopped to go to lunch, which was delicious. Big Ruth and I both had honey Chipotle fish tacos.


We also took Big Ruth out to dinner with Ms. Sandy and Mrs. Loyd. We had Korean barbeque! I had such a wonderful time. I haven’t seen Big Ruth in over a year and it meant the world to me to celebrate her birthday with her.

She and I were always roommates whenever we went on a sewing retreat. She would come with me and Mom when I entered my quilts in the Oklahoma City Winter Quilt Show. She is full of wisdom and knowledge about just about anything. (I guess one will become like that if you’ve lived as long as she has. 😋) She is one of my biggest cheerleaders and she has encouraged me in all of my crafty endeavors. She also continues to update me on the guild since I moved away.

Way back when I first met her, she was the oldest Ruth and the only Ruth I knew other than my namesake from the Bible. (She’s still the oldest Ruth I know, by the way.) We met at the sewing guild she and my mother attended. I liked her so much, I pretty much sat next to her from there on out. Names got confusing at the guild because Big Ruth had been just “Ruth” for so long. Now that I started coming, whenever someone said, “Ruth!” We would both turn around. We were always together so that added to the confusion. We were like twins.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 didn’t work out so well, so Big Ruth and Baby Ruth came about. Since Big Ruth was born first, she earned the bigger title. (It’s a southern thing to call the older person, “big” anything: Big Momma, Big Daddy, Big Ruth. It’s not a derogatory term, y’all.) I became Baby Ruth, obviously. 😊 Pretty soon everyone in the guild caught on and adjusted to the new names.

Introductions were so much fun! Big Ruth and I would go together and she would say, “Hi, I’m Big Ruth.” I would say, “Hi, I’m Baby Ruth. We’re twins.” And she would say, “But I was born first.”


I love you so much, my twin. Happy birthday. ❤


One thought on “Happy birthday, Big Ruth

  1. Thank you, Baby Ruth. It is a great honor, privilege, and pleasure to have you for a twin. I love you so much. Yesterday was a WONDERFUL day. I was so happy to get to see all of you and to spend time with you. Thanks to all the Hongs for taking time from their very short and fast trip to spend time with me. The day was wonderful, the meal was wonderful and I so enjoyed meeting Sarah. Thank you, thank you, thank you and love, love, love.
    Big Ruth

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