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Story Time! (And why I love my job)

***DISCLAIMER*** The purpose of this post is purely to share a laugh over a person’s irrational behavior. I don’t mean to criticize him or be judgemental over how he acted because I have no idea what’s going on in his life. I also don’t mean to make fun of him or his response. I just found this amusing because it’s not normal for someone to act the way he did. I am not angry or cross with him in any way. I just want to share this story and show you how truly wonderful my job is even with colorful people such as this one. I absolutely love my job and I love Mrs. Jenny and Bailey and everyone I work with.

99% of the time, we have really happy customers. It’s a trophy shop! Occasionally, the 1% show up. In the past three months that I’ve worked there, I have met so many different kinds of people. I have met pastors, coaches, team moms, business owners, happy people, tired people, inappropriate people, loud people, soft-spoken people, polite people and rude people. The whole spectrum, I think. It’s very colorful.
Yesterday, this very big guy comes in and asks what we do for diplomas, and I suggested laminating it by putting it on a nice plaque with a colored background and it would be protected by a piece of glass or acrylic. And he was like, “No, I don’t want that.”
Then he sees this zinc casted certificate on display in our showroom and asks for a price for one of those. I didn’t know, so I asked Bailey and she said she didn’t know exactly, but she could tell him that it would be super expensive for just one. Like over $200 expensive. (It’s just like those plaques you see on the outside of the buildings or at a park as a memorial for donors or whatever.)
Anyways, this man asked Bailey in a very irritated and brash manner, “Do you have a degree?” and she was like, “I’m sorry?” And he said, “DO YOU HAVE A DEGREE????”  and she said very calmly, “No, I don’t, but my husband does and what we did with his diploma is that we laminated it like that one on display.”
He started shaking his head and doing that chuckle/laugh you see in the movies that makes you kind of nervous because it’s a sign of a crazy person. At this point I want to tell this man to please calm down so we can help him, but I’m afraid if I do, he would literally explode. He continues to shout at Bailey and rudely explain that he doesn’t want it laminated and starts to storm out of the store when he asks about our business, and where the owners were. Bailey told him the owner wasn’t around. (But they really were, she just said that to make him leave.) And so he took a business card and Bailey told him to call on MONDAY to talk to Mr. Mike if he wanted.
During most of that, I’m dealing with another customer, a much quieter and nicer man, and all that’s going through my head is, “WOAH. What the heck is going on?!?!? What is this guy’s problem?!?” (And I bet you this other customer was thinking the same thing!) After the rude guy left, Mrs. Jenny comes out from the back and tells me that I should never let people like him get to me and proceeded to ask me if I was okay and if I needed any help. I had to say I was fine a couple times to make myself believe that I was fine, but I really was fine. My feelings weren’t hurt like the last encounters I had with brash, ornery, old men. I want to say I was almost hysterical because it was kind of hilarious how fast this guy blew up. He was only in the showroom for about five minutes and he just erupted! I just wanted to laugh and laugh but if I did, I would sound crazy.


The same guy calls not even ten minutes later and Bailey answers. She told me later that he drove to our competitor and used their phone to call us and shouted at her demanding to speak to “that oriental girl” and she was like, “Excuse me?”

The second I heard he asked for me I was like, “I’m not talking to him.” And Mrs. Jenny said “You’re not allowed to talk to him! If that company ever calls again, do not answer the phone. We’re going to let Mike deal with him.”


He calls right as we’re about to leave and he didn’t realize I was “that oriental girl” and He asked if Mr. Mike was around.

When I realized he was that guy I was like, “Oh, snap!” and said, “no, he would be back on Monday.” (just like Bailey said.)

And he was like, “Can’t you get ahold of him over the weekend?!?!? It is only Wednesday.” and I said, “No, sir, it is Thursday.”

And He was like, “FINE. It’s THURSDAY.”

So I told him to call again on Monday.
I honestly hope he calls on Monday so Mr. Mike can tell him to never come back. Mom suggested giving him a lollipop and I told her no, because he would have chucked it at someone’s head because he was so mad. 😛
So. That makes four people that I have met at work that I do not like and wish to never see or talk to again. Only four out of the hundreds of people I have come in contact with.
Even though there are colorful people like him every once and awhile, I honestly love my job so much. I love that I have to be happy all the time and that no question is a stupid question. I love that Mrs. Jenny and Bailey have my back and that they’re ready to tell someone to leave if they’re being really rude or disrespectful. I love that Mrs. Jenny instigates her philosophy of cutting out all the negative, ugly people in her life. I love that they’re concerned about my heart and my feelings and make it a point to protect me if they have to. I am so very blessed to have this job and to work with amazing people.

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