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This Was The Job For Me

I love my job so much.

I love talking to the customers and helping them the best that I can over the phone or through email. I love meeting them in person for the first time because it’s nice to match a name with a face. Every time I come in contact with another human being, I can just feel the excitement bursting inside of me! I feel like I radiate true joy and I hope that everyone can see that that isn’t of this world. I know it’s the joy of the Lord because it’s infectious. I just can’t stop smiling. I can’t stop laughing . I can’t stop thanking God for this opportunity to shine for Him.

I love all of the people I work with. There’s only five of us altogether, but they all make the atmosphere fun and light-hearted. I love that I have had more talks about Jesus with these people than I have ever had in my entire life. It makes me so happy to talk so freely about the God I know and love without fear of being scrutinized or judged because of what I believe. I know that God is using me to reach out to the people around me, to encourage their faith in Him. I know He’s using them to grow my faith as I walk with Him.

It’s funny. I love working so much, it actually makes me sad when I get time off for the holidays. The first few days of vacation is great and relaxing because I can get stuff done at home, but later on I start getting antsy. I love building trophies and taking orders. The best part is seeing the excitement and satisfaction on the customers’ faces when they pick up. It makes me so happy to know that I was involved in making someone else’s day.

I know this was the job for me rather than the popcorn shop down the street. The transition has been smooth and as the weeks pass, I feel more and more comfortable there. So far, I have only met three people I didn’t like. Three. I think I’ve met at least a hundred different people and most of the time I can remember everyone’s name. 😉 I absolutely love the staff and the work and the customers. I know, I keep saying that, but it’s true! God has given me such an amazing job to work with so many wonderful people. I hope I can stay there for many years just making hundreds of trophies and phone calls and shining for the Lord.


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