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I’ve been seventeen for two weeks now.

So much has happened, I haven’t had a chance to sit down and tell you about all the wonderful things that have been happening. There have been so many good moments. My grandparents were here for my birthday, and we drove up to the mountains to pick apples over the weekend. We also spent a day making apple preserves, apple butter, apple cakes, and blackberry jam with my beloved nanny. Olympia was here too. We had ice cream over hot apple cake and peach cobbler. 🙂

Mrs. Nancy came over one Saturday and gave me two of the most beautiful canvases I have ever owned AND one of Mrs. Eleanor’s aprons. The canvases spoke to me on such a deep spiritual level, (maybe one day I will go into it in greater detail), but what I will say is that they pretty much sum up what I’ve been reminding myself to do this past year.20160924_114708.jpg

My youngest sister just recently came to Christ and was baptized. It’s incredible to see how the Lord is working within my family. She and El were the top two siblings I thought would be the last ones to give their lives to the Lord, and yet they both did. Completely on their own, totally out of the blue, and with such contrition and eagerness at a surprisingly young age. It’s so amazing. The transformation in their lives has been nothing short of a miracle.

Last week, I had my on-the-job-interview at my neighbors’ trophy shop! I was so busy and so exhausted, but I have never felt so excited and happy about a job. I’m learning so much and I feel like I’m catching on pretty fast. I’m responding to emails and phone calls, and I know how to work the credit card machine and prep hundreds of trophies. It’s great. By day 3, I was given their job application. On day 4, I sat down with Mrs. Jenny and Mr. Mike, and they said, “We love having you and we’d really like you to work for us. Come work on Monday through Thursday from 9:30 to 4:00. We’re closed on the weekends and we really don’t like to work on Fridays. We try to take time off on every federal holiday, so unless we’re insanely busy, you’ll have those days off too. Also, if you have family in town and you need to take some time off, just let us know. Family’s important to us and we understand that things happen and we want to make sure you have time for your family. How does that sound?” Of course I said, “That sounds great!” and I accepted their offer!!

So, now, I’m officially working and I love it. Tomorrow I start week 2. Mrs. Jenny and Mr. Mike were so kind to give me Columbus Day off so I could be home with my relatives. My great-uncle and my mom’s cousin (finally) came to visit us from New York City! They were only here for the weekend to attend a wedding, but it was such a treat. The last time I saw them and the rest of their family was two years ago when Mom took me to NY. Since then, she has been taking one child each year to visit. 🙂


Life just became so much more exciting. And exhausting. 😉 It’s a pretty great start to my seventeenth year.


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