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These Are the Days

So, Love and the Outcome released their new album, These Are the Days, last week on my birthday! (#happybirthdaytomeeeee) 😉

I love it so much. I’ve been listening to it nonstop. This is their sophomore album and like their first one, their lyrics touch the depths of my heart and remind me how great God is.

I love all of their songs, but I do have my top three…because I couldn’t pick just one. 😉

Number 1: If I Don’t Have You

That song basically describes my heart in four minutes. The first verse and chorus says it all.

How can I build Your kingdom/ If I’m building my own?

How can You be my treasure/ If I’m digging for gold?

How can You be my fire/ If my heart has grown cold?

How can You be my future/ If I’ve made this my home?

How can I? How can I?


I don’t want the world/ If I don’t have You

I don’t want it all/ If it means I lose You

I’ve tasted and I’ve seen enough/ To know it’s You I need/

I don’t want the world/ If I don’t have You

If I don’t have You

Number 2: Hear from You

This song is also basically my heart in a song. I absolutely love the verses. and the chorus. and the bridge. I love it all, okay?

Where do I run, when my heart’s confused?

Where do I turn, when my world’s unglued?

Who do I trust, when my friends are far?

Where I need to be, is where you are.

O Holy Spirit speak, speak through/ I’m waiting ’till I hear/ Hear from You

O Holy Spirit speak, speak through/ I’m waiting ’till I hear/ From You


So I will wait, til You speak a word/ And I will rest til Your voice is heard

I won’t rush, I will let You move/ My God, I need to hear from You


No other whisper calms my heart/ No other place but You to start

No other name can silence storms/ There’s no one else, no one else

And finally, Number 3: Seek and Find

When I heard this for the first time, I knew immediately that Jodi and Chris had their little son in mind.

The second verse (and chorus :D) is what got me, though. It’s a message for everyone, not just for their little seven-month-old.

There’s no need to worry/ No such thing as perfect

You don’t have to get it right

Trouble will try to steal your wonder/ When you hear the thunder

There’s someone by your side

I wish I could keep you/ From the hard days/ And the tear stains/ Keep you safe

And I’ll do my best to/ Hold your hand through/ All the things/ I can’t explain


I don’t have all the answers/ To all your questions why/

We’re all just dreamers and dancers/ Through the twists and turns of life

All I can tell you is/ Seek and you will find/ Seek and you will find/

Seek and you will find/ And let Him be your guide

Love is by your side/ Seek and you will find

So yeah, I love this album. It’s perfect. The lyrics are so sound. The songs resonate with me on a deep spiritual level. I found myself worshipping my God with these songs. I’m digging the upbeatness of the music. It’s perfect for my bike rides, and school hours, and if I ever learn how to drive, I’ll be jamming to these tunes in my car. 😀


Love and the Outcome released their music video for “These Are the Days” (the song) and it turns out, it was filmed at Carowinds while they were performing there back in June! I was at that concert! That made me really happy.

I love this album so much.



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