(I apologize for my run-on sentences.)

This past week has been crazy and it’s only half over!

My oldest brother is currently hobbling around on crutches whenever he can muster enough strength to roll out of bed. His ankle has been in pain for three days now. Turns out, he sprained it last week, and somehow he contracted an infection in that general area. He’s on antibiotics; he’s been to the doctor twice and the hospital once. We’re praying that he recovers quickly and that he’s back to his happy self.

Mom and I are busy working on a quilt. My quilt projects are piling up (like seriously, our fit model, Gertie, currently has three quilt tops and batting draped over her.) We’re basting one, and that should be ready to quilt by tomorrow. I have two quilt tops cut out that need to get sewn after my other quilts are basted. I’ve been working on doll quilts for the sewing guild when I haven’t been working on my big quilts. I’ve knocked out a dozen over the past two weeks, and I’d like to do a dozen more since they’re great practice for new quilting techniques. 🙂

School is school. Hah.

I have letters to write because I have such lovely pen pals who take the time to keep in touch with me. ❤ It’s been wonderful. Every time I had a rough day, a letter would show up in our mailbox. One day, I was really missing my friends and two of them happened to write to me on the same day. That really lifted my spirits.

My grandparents are coming next month and I’m super excited to see them.

My other grandparents are coming in October (hopefully) along with my aunt and uncle. I am very excited to see them. All of them.

I found out Love & the Outcome are releasing their new album on my birthday. I’ve already preordered my copy. (Happy birthday to me!)

My friend runs this very cute online shop called Olive and Pine and she has lots of adorable things on sale including this doggy bowtie. Definitely check out her shop. Everything is handpicked by her and lovingly made by small business creatives. I ordered an Earl Grey Hot Chocolate mix and I’m so excited to make myself a cup during the fall season. 🙂Doggie BowtieEarl Grey Hot ChocolateWander Passport Cover

And…that’s it.

I can’t believe summer is pretty much over. I’m looking forward to fall. That’s my favorite season and where I live, lots of trees will be turning orange and red in a month or so. 😉

Life is a little crazy right now. But I’m okay with a little crazy.


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