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Who Knew?

About a year ago, July 2016 was the absolute latest that my family would move halfway across the country. Who knew that after that “plan”, we would move three months later in October 2015?

We’ve been here nine months now. It still kind of feels like we just got here.

I don’t quite miss home anymore. I think it’s the memories that I have that make me feel a little sad. I miss my friends.

I’m making memories here, though.There was the Christmas fellowship dinner at church. That was the first time I felt like I belonged there. I remember walking into the kitchen and deciding that I would get acquainted with that kitchen. I’m still trying to find where the usual water pitchers are whenever we do refreshments, but I manage. 🙂

There was Mrs. Eleanor’s memorial service back in April. I only knew her six months, but I miss her. I still hear her voice whenever I read Psalm 46:10a, “Be still, and know that I am God. Who knew that this lady whom I only knew for six months, would not only comfort me and teach me her skills while she was living, but continue to do so after she died?

Who knew that after Mrs. Eleanor passed away, we would be the ones to receive her fabric and patterns? Mom and I found so many wonderful things and we learned so much from her in just the two days we spent unpacking her things. It was like we had spent the entire day with her. We could hear her voice as we read her notes on her patterns. I was overjoyed to find her patterns for the potholders and towels she used to make. I was elated to discover that many of her scraps were perfect for doll quilts. So now, I’m making dozens of doll quilts for the sewing guild’s doll project when I’m not making quilts for big people. 😉

There was that time E. and I stayed at Mrs. Nancy’s house for the weekend. She needed some company because she just had surgery and we needed a little break from life. We had so much fun watching Anne of Green Gables and sewing stars for her quilt. (We’re almost there, by the way.) We had Bible studies together and we had time to get to know each other a little better. Mrs. Nancy is a kindred spirit and I had such a wonderful time with her. I don’t really do sleepovers because I have trouble sleeping anywhere that isn’t my bed. Who knew that I would feel so comfortable and at home with Mrs. Nancy, that I would be able to sleep through the night? It was amazing. I actually felt refreshed and rested and I didn’t wake up once!

download_20160612_201322[1]There was the concert featuring For King and Country. Who knew Joel would walk down the row in front of us and literally be six inches away from my face! The entire concert was wonderful, I had a fantastic time. I am never riding the Fury 325 ever again. It’s one of the tallest roller coasters in the world, guys, and it is definitely not for the faint of heart.

There was the process of our house being built. It was awesome to see how quickly it was built from the ground up. I can still remember the plot being just plain dirt!


I can’t imagine moving later than when we did. I can’t imagine remaining in our rental house. I like our new home so much better. I feel comfortable and like this home is my home, not someone else’s. We’ve met so many nice people. I absolutely love our neighbors. We’ve found a church home. We found the Joann Fabrics right away, so I can still make quilts! I miss my home, but really, this place has become my home. I’ve adjusted. I’ve settled in. I like living here. Who knew? (God knew. Obviously.)


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