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DIY Smashbook Tutorial

So, my smashbook is full.

20160611_102607[1]I really didn’t want to spend money to buy another one because 1.) I do not have money to spend. 2.) I have so much scrapbook paper and craft supplies, it’s ridiculous. and 3.) I really missed crafting so this was a good project for me to work on. 🙂

So I made my own smashbook out of an old composition notebook and My Mind’s Eye’s Chalk Studio scrapbook paper collection. 20160611_104930[1]

What you’ll need:

  • 1 composition notebook, used or brand new. Mine was a little bit of both.
  • Mod Podge
  • 1 old paint brush
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pencil for marking your measurements
  • Washi tape

To start off, you will need to tear out some of the pages in the notebook to reduce the bulk.  Since the notebook is bound by a seam in the middle, it’s important that you tear out the corresponding pages. 20160611_110845

 I started tearing two pages from the very front and two pages from the very back as well as the center pages. If you’re tearing pages out from somewhere in the middle, you can find the corresponding pages by looking at the spine. I tore out two pages towards the front and could easily find the torn halves at the back. 🙂



It’s entirely up to you on however many pages you want to tear out. You will be gluing two pages together as well as gluing the scrapbook paper of your choice to make thicker pages. I think I tore out twenty pages or so…

Break out the Mod Podge and glue one page. Right side or left doesn’t matter, but be consistent. You want your pages to be as straight as possible by keeping them flat while they dry. Be generous with the Mod Podge.


Smooth the dry page over your sticky one. Try to get most of the air bubbles and excess glue out by starting at the spine and smoothing the page with your hand or ruler.


If your corners didn’t get glued enough and start separating, use a glue stick or a tiny drop of Mod Podge to glue them together. I used my sticky paint brush and squeezed it in between the pages to get a thin coat of glue on both pages.


I was gluing three pages together with this one. I prefer two pages since they seemed sturdy enough. I have more pages then. 🙂

This lady gave a great tutorial on gluing book pages here if you learn better by watching someone. I didn’t dilute my Mod Podge with water because the consistency was already great. My pages wrinkled a bit when it dried because of the glue, but the scrapbook paper hid the wrinkles.

I glued several pages then used bulldog clips instead of stacking books on top of my smashbook to keep my pages squished together. I let them dry overnight before coming back to add the scrapbook paper.

When you’re ready to glue your scrapbook paper, measure the page. I measured and cut them at 7″x 9 5/8″. I liked the 7″ wide paper because the washi tape covered more of the paper to secure it better. You can use the leftover paper to do half-pages, or you can make a nice greeting card. I made some half pages with mine since the dimensions were already the perfect size. 🙂


If you’re doing a half page, position your remnant paper how you like it and line up a ruler along the edge. Use your pencil to trace a straight line and cut on the line. Make sure you don’t cut any of the other pages!


Give your page a good coat of Mod Podge. I like to start at the spine and stroke downwards, then spread the excess glue to the middle and edges. I also gave the page a thin frame of glue, spreading the excess also to the middle.


Lay the scrapbook papers on top and put washi tape on the spine if you wish. I used two strips of washi tape, one for each page. I like the washi tape because it keeps the edge down and I really like my sewing themed washi tape. 🙂

Glue a couple pages being careful that no excess glue seeps out. When you’re ready to take a break, use the bulldog clips to keep the book shut tight. You could also stack a couple books on top of your smashbook instead of using the clips, like the lady in the video did. Either way works.

And that’s it! Pretty simple, right?

Go make a beautiful smashbook.



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