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Let the Sparks Fly

Fourth of July.

It came and left, but it was one I shall never forget.

Aunt Laura, Uncle AJ, and Jami came to visit us for a good week and we celebrated the fourth together as a family.

This year’s fourth was different than the previous years. Jami was here, we made this a two day celebration starting on July 3rd, and we set off our own fireworks this year. Actually, we watched Dad set off the fireworks. It was so much better in my opinion. The fireworks were so much bigger and louder. We freaked out a little bit at first because it was our first time being so near fire and explosives and more fire. But at the end of the night, we were all having a spectacular time holding sparklers and Roman candles and watching Dad and every other neighbor on our block light up the sky.

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It was marvelous. I hope this becomes our new tradition because I love fireworks and I love Jami and Aunt Laura and Uncle AJ. 😉


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