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Plant Momma

So here are the few pictures of the garden bed!

It took us about five hours from start to finish with nine people working. Mom and the boys dug up the sod by the kitchen window. We laid landscape fabric down to keep the grass and critters from invading our raised bed. Inside the frame, we laid a garden bed liner (an extra measure to keep that grass out!) before using a mixture of compost/manure, gardening soil, and top soil. Those who were not holding the edges of the garden bed’s liner, smoothed the dirt so it was nice and even. The bed itself is 3’x 6′ and about 1′ deep. Perfect for our first year living in a new environment!

This year, E.’s growing tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, jalapeno peppers, lavender, chocolate mint, and onion chives. She’s the plant momma. 🙂

What we all really love about this garden bed, is that we laid egg rocks all around it so you have a path to walk on. It looks so beautiful and neat! It’s also very therapeutic on your tired feet. 😉

Maggie’s stone finally found a home in the corner of the garden next to the pot of onion chives. One time, she ate up all the onion chives that Mom worked so hard to plant! So, we placed her paw print next to the chives she loved so much. She’s been gone for two years but it seems longer. I still don’t want another dog.


It has rained every day the past week, so watering has been unnecessary. I’m glad our plants are happy with all of the rain water. They’ve adapted to their new home pretty well. The tomatoes have already reached the first rung of their cage and the onion chives have stood up on their own now! The basil is delicious with tomato salad and I had chocolate mint tea with my breakfast this morning. I didn’t really taste any chocolate but the mint is strong and very soothing. I think tomorrow I’m going to make lavender tea. 🙂


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