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This Is Why…

I’ve been quiet over here.

I haven’t had very much to say, so I haven’t written anything. Actually, that’s not true. I have drafts saved in my head, but getting them typed out is difficult. I don’t have the time to sit down and type out what I want to say. When I do find the time, words just don’t come like I want them to, you know? It’s frustrating. I have things to say that are important to me, but I just don’t have the right words. Maybe it’s because my mind looks like my bedroom: A mess. I’m just unorganized at the moment and a little a lot frazzled because I have so many things on my mind. One of which is cleaning that bedroom.


We moved into our new house nearly a month ago. It’s perfect in every way and I love it. The 250 boxes have diminished to less than 50. (We’re getting there, guys.) It already looks and feels like home. The girls are sharing a bedroom and we love it, even if it does look like a tornado ran through it. I want to share pictures of our space, but it’s a mess. Give me a few more weeks. The boys’ barracks have been broken up into two rooms and they love it. We have a finished third floor that is ginormous! That is now our school room/game room and it’s pretty sweet. We spend a good part of our day up there. Our dining table, which is our dinner table, actually fits in the kitchen and we LOVE it. We can actually eat in the kitchen like a normal family does! The dining room has been closed off and is our new sewing room. I’m looking forward to setting up shop and getting back to making projects. I absolutely love our new house! Did I mention how much I love this house?

School has started back up again after a week of unpacking. Last year’s grades are due in June, so I’m trying to finish up my two junior year courses before the month is up. I’ve already started my senior year and so far I’m okay. I finished English III with a few weeks to spare and have already started English IV to get a head start. I took too many days off of Economics with all of this unpacking. I can still finish that before my deadline, but I have a little anxiety over the fact that I’m cutting it really close. I suck at Accounting…which kills me because it runs in my family. Granted, I’ve only been trying this for a month now, but still. Both sides of my family. Old Testament Survey is pretty good. I’m going through Numbers, which is pretty fantastic because I just finished reading that on my own. So, going through it a second time is refreshing. I still don’t like Algebra. Physics isn’t terrible, but I don’t really like that either.

The weather is lovely. So lovely that we spent last weekend setting up our garden bed. I have pictures saved in my phone that I will get around to sharing soon. I promise.

There’s a lot going on and life is happening.

I have things to share, but that will have to wait for another day. Or week. Give me three weeks to finish Economics and get myself a little organized. And clean that bedroom.


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