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My Bookshelf Quilt and Wedding Cake Replica

It’s been about a month since I finished these two lap quilts. I sent them off to my two friends and then forgot to post about them. 😛

For once, I took pictures of the progression for both quilts. Partly because the lady who hired me wanted to see. Partly because I needed to remember how I made these quilts in case I make another one!



The finished quilt top. 🙂

I also did a pear applique along with the teacup and owl. E. drew a pear and leaf template for me. The teacup was part of a panel that I usually cut up to make mug rugs. I fussy-cut this one particular so you would only see the teacups. 🙂 I made my own owl template after staring at several owl appliques on Pinterest. I’m very pleased with how my owl turned out and I love the fabrics! They’re bright, modern, and beautiful. My friend is a lover of books, birds, Alice in Wonderland and tea. I thought these appliques were perfect for her. What do you think?


The finished product!



The finished quilt top. Yes, that’s gold ribbon outlining every single applique piece.

This quilt was a wedding gift for my other friend. It’s based off of a cake that she made for her wedding day. I tried my best to replicate it and I think I came pretty close!


Left: My cake. Right: the real cake


Quilting this one took a lot longer than the bookshelf. I followed the chevron pattern on the cake, the appliqued pieces and even all of the ribbons on the bottom layers. In order to stick with all of the straight lines and clean cuts, I stitched geometrics on the borders and cross-hatched the gray background for more quilting. I love how the background turned out! It was just enough quilting so you could see texture but subtle enough that it made the cake stand out.

So that’s what I was working on the past three months. If any of you want to hire me let me know.



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