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Charm Street Market Tote

Remember that tote bag kit I picked up in Oklahoma City? Well, I sat down and made it this weekend!


It’s a Charm Street Market Tote by Purse Strings and was fairly easy to make. Although, I made some changes to the construction due to personal taste. 🙂 I quilted the bag instead of topstitching around each square like they said since I used batting instead of fusible knit interfacing. The batting made the bag more sturdy and durable and gave me a chance to practice a new quilting tecnique. 🙂


Birds of a feather flock together.

For the first time ever, I quilted birds with fancy tail feathers! Mrs. Rose and I were going through free-motion quilt patterns together and I found this cute one that matched the birds on my bag perfectly! They were so adorable and so easy to do! I also quilted flowers to match the ones on my fabric 😀


Do you think these would sell?

Well, I’m off to go make one for my mom! 😉



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