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Snippets of January

E. and I have been doing puzzles on our landlords’ pool table 😀 This month, we completed eight puzzles. Two are 3-D, one is shaped like a penguin, one is from Bits and Pieces (my current favorite) and two are Looney Tunes. All of these were from Grandpa Erbon and Uncle Bob except for the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. Mom found that one online. 🙂 I still haven’t opened the 2000 piece puzzle box yet. Maybe this month…

Mom and I made one baby quilt for a friend at church. She’s a modern girl and the baby’s gender is a surprise, so we used Moda’s charm pack, “Reel Time” by Zen Chic for a modern, neutral and rather cute quilt top. We tried so many new things with this quilt! After being inspired by Oklahoma City’s winter quilt show, we decided to try dividing the charm squares into two groups and appliqueing them onto this black-on-white fabric from our stash.


God always does this amazing thing of providing just the right fabrics and the perfect amounts for us whenever we make these baby quilts. This time was no different. The striped backing was also from our stash. Same with the binding, which was about one and a half fat quarters. For the quilting, I wanted something geometric that mimicked the shapes of the rectangles and rows. So, I tried Greek tiles for the first time! It took quite a bit of practice, but I am very pleased with how it turned out. I must say that I really like doing modern quilts and I love doing these baby quilts. Not one of them are the same and hopefully these little ones will love theirs just as much as I loved making them with my mom.

After the quilt show, Mom and I stopped in our hometown to say hello to a handful of friends. We saw our old house while we were visiting our sweet neighbors. It sold, by the way, and people are living there now. I thought that if I saw it one more time, memories would flood my head, nostalgia would hit me hard and make me wish that I never left home. None of that happened, though. When I saw my old house, it was just a house. Quiet and dark just like all the other neighbors’ houses. Where we’re living now has become home. The rental house, as orange as it is, has become our place. We have adjusted to the steep stairs, uneven kitchen floor and cold water. Now we’re in the process of building a more permanent home. Last weekend, we actually got to walk through our house! It’s a skeleton at the moment, but it’s changing by the week. I am beyond excited for this project to be completed.


My uncle came to stay with us for one night. I can’t describe just how good it was to see him. I haven’t seen him in over two years and we don’t stay in touch that often due to life, him working and studying, and now I’m busy with my last year of high school. Just having him here for a few hours was as if I was given the moon. The whole family spent the evening playing Incan Gold and Guess the Mess. We were laughing till our sides hurt, shouting at the top of our lungs because the adrenaline was high and surprising everyone with our unpredictable choices. M. won Incan Gold and Uncle Joe won Guess the Mess. I love how both games allow several people to play at once. It’s so much more fun when a big group of people all different ages play together. It keeps things interesting 🙂

This past month was a rather good month. I had less bad days than the past three months we’ve been here. After returning from my hometown, I realized that I adjusted more than I thought. I’m learning a lot about myself. I’m learning to pray about everything, not just the big and important things. Also, to pray for others more and to give thanks for everything for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for me. I’m learning to take quiet times. To sit down, be still, breathe, and let my mind relax. I’m learning to hold on to past memories with a looser grasp. To look back on them for reference not for refuge. To look forward to the future while living in the present instead of looking behind.

I’m learning and often times learning is hard because bad habits are difficult to break. But God is faithful and He is giving me strength for each day.

Here’s to another month of living, learning and loving.


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