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New Year, New Puzzles

We drove to Georgia for New Year’s to visit two of my mom’s friends. We used to stay a night at Grandma and Grandpa Erbon’s whenever we took a trip to Florida. I remember watching Finding Nemo and eating delicious food. I remember their bird, Cocoa. His cage was in the kitchen corner and he loved to eat popcorn. I also remember leaving my beloved teddy bear at their house. Grandma Erbon was so kind to mail it back the next week.

Standing in Grandpa Erbon’s kitchen, it was the same yet different. It’s been a long time since we’ve driven to Florida and even longer since we visited Georgia. Grandma Erbon died a few years ago. Cocoa did too. I knew they were both long gone but in the back of my mind, I was hoping that it wasn’t true. I didn’t realize how much I missed both of them until their absence was noticed.

This visit was spent talking, eating at The Diner, and looking at the hundreds of puzzles in the basement. The amount of puzzles was just incredible. There were animal puzzles, food puzzles, Christmas puzzles, puzzles featuring famous landmarks, castle puzzles, and nature puzzles. If you could think of any kind of puzzle, I bet the Erbon’s have one and most likely completed it at one point in time. All of the puzzles were stacked on several shelves and ranged from 500 pieces to 5,000!

I’m telling you, the Erbon’s are the puzzle kings. They have this down to a science now. The current puzzle in their dining room had the border completed, most of the bottom and middle finished and had no more than forty pieces leftover that were lined up in neat rows on either side of the dining table so they could work on it together. Uncle Bob told me that when they finished a puzzle, they put all of the border pieces in a sandwich bag so it would be easier the second time around. I have decided that I shall do the same thing from now on.

Mom, Eva and I went through so many of the puzzles. Grandpa Erbon and Uncle Bob wanted us to take some home with us! It was very hard to pick. There was an overwhelming amount of puzzles to go through! I turned down several because they either had too many tiny flowers, or there was too much snow, grass, animal fur, or sky. I was looking for puzzles that I wouldn’t give up on but that also didn’t seem too easy. I was very picky. 😛 At the end of the day, I think we came home with over twenty different puzzles including one 3-D puzzle of the white house and a 2,000 piece puzzle featuring the Brooklyn bridge at night.

Visiting Grandpa Erbon and Uncle Bob was a really good way to spend New Year’s, I think. The drive there and back wasn’t bad at all, we had a very good lunch and a wonderful time catching up on life. I’m also very excited about these new puzzles. I did all of mine multiple times 🙂 What a great way to ring in the new year!

When we left, I told Uncle Bob that I would return when I finished all of the ones we took and that I would send him a picture of the 2,000 piece. I’ll be sure to post it here as well so y’all can see. We haven’t started it yet. Eva and I agreed that we would ease into it and start with an easier one. She picked the Coca Cola polar bears sitting in snow.


Happy new year, friends! ❤ Stay warm.


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