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Adventure Is Out There!

Today was a good day.

The whole family took a trip to a nature museum this morning since Dad has most of the week off. We admired butterflies in the little butterfly pavilion. We watched snakes, little bearded dragons, turtles and frogs sit and do nothing. Well, the turtles swam around and one snake was active. We saw a sleeping eastern screech owl and two northern bobwhites. There were also several stuffed animals on display. Most of them were birds. There was also an insect collection that we looked at. We identified a caterpillar that was eating our basil back home.

After visiting all of the exhibits, we took a short walk halfway around the lake outside. The dreary weather had cleared up a bit, so the sun was shining. There was also a cool breeze. I really liked the little park that was behind the museum. The scenery is just beautiful and it was very peaceful. I have a feeling that I will be returning there soon.

We only made it halfway around the lake because all the boys started thinking about food. So, we looked for a pizza place since Mom was craving pizza. She found one. It was a new place to us and it was pretty small. Small like, our family used all of the seats and there was standing room only. It was so worth feeling crowded though. This particular restaurant makes NY styled pizza that is so delicious. We had a chicken Alfredo and spinach pizza, a buffalo chicken pizza, fried pickles and cheese fries to share. All of it was amazing. The pizza crusts were so fresh. They were soft and chewy enough that you could fold it perfectly, but it was firm enough that it didn’t fall apart with all of the toppings. The sauces were fresh too and the toppings were so good. These guys definitely beat Papa John’s and Domino’s.

We also went to Duck Donuts. Mom found it the other day and wanted to check them out. They give you a list of icings/frostings and toppings, then you order what you want on your donut. They frost and top your donuts just how you like it, and they’re still warm when they finish. I had a chocolate glazed donut with bacon 🙂 It was closer to a cake donut rather than a yeast one, but it was very fluffy and not too sweet. The icing was just sweet enough, and I think it was dark chocolate. The bacon bits were perfect. I thoroughly enjoyed my donut. I want to go back and try another one 😀

Today was very relaxing and a great adventure. I’m so happy Dad has the week off and that the weather was pleasant. I didn’t realize how much I missed the sunshine until it shone on my face while we were walking. This was a good day.

Five things I’m thankful for today:
•The beautiful butterflies
•Dad’s days off
•pizza and donuts
•the sunshine and the breeze
•the good day we had together


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